The Soundtrack Songs of Semisonic (1996-2001) w/ John Munson of Semisonic

We kick off Season 3 with a very special guest, John Munson of Semisonic. (Also of Trip Shakespeare, The New Standards, Munson Hicks Party Supplies, The Twilight Hours). Instead of talking about one soundtrack, we talk about the different soundtracks that Semisonic has appeared in. While John doesn’t have all the details about how the band ended up on every soundtrack, he shares some fun behind the scenes stories. We chat about the excitement of being placed on a soundtrack for the first time (The Long Kiss Goodnight), what soundtracks John regrets the band passing on, and his favorite placement of “Closing Time” in a film/tv show. We also talk about some film score related projects that John is working on outside of Semisonic and he shares about a soundtrack that has changed his life.

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