Space Jam (1996) w/ Brandice Wilson

Brandice is back to talk about the 1996 Joe Pytka film, Space Jam, and the blockbuster soundtrack that accompanied the film. We manage to spend our time talking about everything from The Quad City DJs “Space Jam” theme to Bugs Bunny’s “Buggin”, while avoiding talking about that one song by that one very problematic artist. We also discuss how some of the artists featured on the soundtrack had major soundtrack hits the year before (Coolio, Seal), and how stacked the soundtrack was with big name artists.

We also chat about composer James Newton Howard, who scored Space Jam right after being nominated for an Oscar for his score for The Fugitive. From there, we take a stab about why Joe Pytka stopped making feature films after Space Jam, and we talk about a forgotten Saturday morning cartoon featuring a crime fighting Michael Jordan (along with Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky).

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