O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000) w/ Dr. Alaina Rajagopal

Dr. Alaina Rajagopal, one of the hosts of the Emergency Docs Podcast, is our guest this week as we discuss the 2000 Grammy Album of the Year recipient, O Brother, Where Are Thou? We discuss how the soundtrack connected us to bluegrass music for the first time and the songs that we connect with. We also discuss how the music is used in the film and how the Coen Brothers started working on the soundtrack with T Bone Burnett before they started filming. We also talk about George Clooney’s relationship with the Coen Brothers and how this film helped solidify Clooney as a Hollywood leading man and how the success of the soundtrack made my friend from high school not want to watch the film at all because the TV spots made the movie look like it was about George Clooney becoming a famous singer.

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