Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) w/ Phil Bertulfo

Our show’s music composer, and member of Chicago bands, Percolator and Rubber Spaniel, Phil Bertulfo, returns to the podcast to talk about the soundtrack to the 1996 film Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. Phils talks about how he discovered Kids in the Hall in the pre-internet era and how excited he was for the movie and the accompanying Matador Records soundtrack. We talk about Pavement, Cibo Matto, Matthew Sweet, Stereolab and They Might be Giants, and some of the Canadian indie-rock bands (The Odds, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, The Tragically Hip) featured on the soundtrack. We dive into the history of the Kids, how the movie caused a lot of tension within the troupe and how they’ve had a knack for connecting with rock bands. We pepper in stories about being fans of the troupe in our teen years and the Kids in the Hall connection to Lorne Michaels and his other sketch comedy show.

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